Nortada Liveaboard

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The Nortada is a unique and personalized liveaboard experience in the world renowned Galapagos. Catering to only 8 guests, this 26 metre vessel is well-suited to divers looking to make the most of their diving holiday, with an absolute minimum of 20 dives over the week-long trip. The sites visited whilst aboard the Nortada include three fantastic dive spots in the north-west of the island chain as well as the highly acclaimed Wolf and Darwin sites.


The Nortada Liveaboard

The Nortada has 4 cabins on board, each boasting air-conditioning and en-suite facilities as well as secure storage space for added convenience. The Nortada has a cozy air-conditioned living area complete with a top-notch entertainment system. There is also a communal dining space and a sun deck for enjoying the sea breeze. Galapagos boasts a number of fascinating animals above the water as well as below, and guest may get the chance to see Galapagos penguins, flightless Cormorants and marine iguanas.

Divers will make use of two small but convenient inflatable tenders to access the best dive spots where they might catch a glimpse of the elusive mola-mola, manta rays or even a Baleen whale. Divers are able to pay an additional fee to dive with Nitrox. When diving in the Galapagos, the  Nortada crew requires all divers to have a bi-directional marine rescue radio with GPS-functionality as well as a delayed surface marker buoy and a dive alert.


The Nortada offers a personalized liveaboard experience as it hosts a maximum of 8 guests at any one time across its 4 lower deck cabins. When chartered, the Nortada can host up to 12 guests if required.

4 Twin Bed Cabins

The twin cabins come equipped with two single beds and an additional single arranged into a bunk. The cabin is air-conditioned and en-suite with storage space in drawers and lockers for safekeeping. When chartered and the maximum capacity is to be reached, the extra guests will stay in the full-size upper berths in these 4 cabins.

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