ScubaPro III Liveaboard

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This large liveaboard can provide service for as many as thirty-two guests at a time, with sixteen spacious, private suites complete with air conditioning, en-suite bathrooms, and more. The ScubaPro III offers short diving holidays of only a few nights at a time, perfect for the scuba diver who is conscious of time or who has a budget to keep in mind. Traveling to some of the best diving spots in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, this liveaboard is perfect for scuba divers who want to explore some of the best dive spots with some of the greatest biodiversity in the world.

ScubaPro III

The ScubaPro III Liveaboard

With lots of space and amenities including a spacious dive deck, sundecks for relaxing, a chef that prepares three individual meals each and every day, and snacks, coffee, and tea service, this liveaboard has it all. A friendly and attentive crew, complete with local diving experts, ensure that every guest is treated to the best diving holiday possible.

The M/V ScubaPro III takes guests to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, allowing scuba divers to explore stunning, vibrant, and colourful coral reefs full of thousands of different types of fish. Underwater photographers will love the crystal clear waters and all divers will love exploring all that these breathtaking waters have to offer.

Roger, Netherlands September 18, 2017

I had an exceptional time aboard the Scuba Pro III during my trip to Australia in July this year.

It was a pleasure to meet and travel with such kind, enthusiastic crew members who clearly held immense knowledge on the area and the best way to dive each site.

The crew members were laid back and friendly but were very clearly focused on safety too, which put all the divers at ease straight away.

The diving was sensational and I’d highly recommend this trip to anyone looking to visit the Great Barrier Outer Reef.

Recommended for: Smooth sailing and great diving


Aurora, United States September 18, 2017

Although the water was much colder than expected when we visited at the end of August, I still thoroughly enjoyed the diving aboard the ScubaPro III.

Each and every dive was memorable and enjoyable, and the diving crew was fantastic in every way. The vessel itself was very impressive – a spacious and well-maintained ship perfectly comfortable for us for a 3 day cruise.

Thanks once again for everything ScubaPro team!

Recommended for: The great diving


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