Sea Safari 8 Liveaboard

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Coming in at 34 meters, the KLM Sea Safari 8 is a beautiful liveaboard vessel taking scuba divers on dive cruises to the stunning waters of Indonesia. This liveaboard is complete with twelve private cabins which each feature an en-suite bathroom, entertainment system, and lots of storage space for personal items. Guests will relax on one of the vessel’s sundecks, in the spacious lounge complete with a large screen television, or sip a cocktail at the outdoor bar.

Sea Safari 8

The KLM Sea Safari 8 Liveaboard

Offering diving cruises to the best dive spots available in Raja Ampat, this liveaboard offers scuba divers an unparalleled dive experience, allowing them to explore underwater regions teeming with countless types of different types of fish, reef sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, and more. Underwater photographers will love the vibrant coral reefs and crystal clear turquoise waters.

Sea Safari 8 Liveaboard Video

In between dives, scuba divers can take advantage of the many amenities offered by the Sea Safari 8, take in the stunning ocean views, and bask in the Indonesian sun. For an absolutely unforgettable diving cruise, look no further than the prestigious Sea Safari 8 liveaboard yacht.


As one of the biggest boats in the Sea Safari fleet, the Sea Safari 8 spends the time in between trips at Sorong Harbour in Raja Ampat. The Sea Safari 8 takes its guests to both the Northern and Southern areas of Raja Ampat. Guests can choose to travel in style in one of 12 cabins. Each cabin features air conditioning and an en-suite bathroom with hot shower.

On the lower deck, there are 2 twin cabins, each comfortably sleeping 2 people each. There are 4 double cabins, each sleeping 2 people in a double bed. There is 1 lower deck cabin that has 2 sets of bunk beds with an overall capacity of 4 people, whilst yet another lower deck cabin with bunk beds and a single bed can host up to 3 people.

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