Star Dancer Liveaboard

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The MV Star Dancer is a luxury liveaboard sailing sailing in Milne Bay, PNG (Papua New Guinea).

Part of the Dancer Fleet, this 120ft steel vessel can accommodate up to 16 divers. The Star Dancer offers style and comfort throughout the pristine seas of PNG.

Star Dancer

The MV Star Dancer Liveaboard

All the 8 luxury staterooms feauture ensuite bathrooms, A/C (remote controlled) and window views.

Divers and non-divers alike can enjoy the large upper sundeck or the spacious A/C lounge and salon.


There are various itineraries including some of the following dive sites:

  • The Washing Machine
  • Samuari Island Pier
  • Giants At Home
  • Black & Silver
  • P38 Lightnigh aircraft wreck (at Baslilaki Island)
  • Bob’s Bommie
  • Trish’s Bommie
  • Tunnel Reef
  • Peer’s Reef
  • Jason’s Reef
  • Boirama Reef
  • Sullivan’s Patches
  • Nuakata
  • Banana Bommie
  • Black sand dives (at Observation Point)
  • Cobb’s Cliff
  • Wreck of Blackjack (B17 bomber)
  • Deacon’s
  • Dinah’s Beach

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