Tambora Liveaboard

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The custom-built Tambora was built with scuba divers in mind and is the perfect way to explore the Indonesian Archipelago. Explore world-famous dive spots in total luxury, with the Tambora taking you to popular sites in Triton Bay, Raja Ampat, Ambon, Sulawesi, the Banda Sea and Halmahera.


The Tambora Liveaboard

There are 8 guest suites on board the Tambora, each of which is air-conditioned and boasts spacious en-suite bathroom facilities. There is plenty of space to store personal belongings and even a writing desk should you wish to use one. Every aspect of the liveaboard experience has taken into account, even down to the bed placement: each bed on the Tambora is aligned to match the ship’s movements, resulting in a more comfortable journey. The Tambora boasts plenty of space to relax whilst on-board, with three large lounging decks as well as an indoor saloon equipped with a TV and the latest in entertainment technology. Guests are treated to five meals a day with plenty of variety on offer. All tastes are catered for with a mix of Japanese, European and Indonesian dishes. Thirst quenchers include drinking water, soft drinks, coffee, tea and beer, with a variety of wines and liquors available for purchase.

The Tambora boasts a diving station ideal for storing, rinsing and drying dive equipment. There is a dry section to the dive station that includes an area for charging underwater cameras. The depths of Indonesia’s waters are filled with an abundance of marine life with everything from tiny macro critters to giant pelagic life. There are also wreck dive sites and plenty of hidden islands and calm bays to explore.

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