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Our cruises are perfect for hedonist travelers who are keen on comfort cruises along the wild outback! Ship has many luxury sites, as front observation saloon, a sundeck, open air bar, or ship’s lobby, and they’re available to all our guests. Explanatory and important information is continuously on Plasma displays around the ship, and in case you want to contact someone off the ship, you can use computers in our internet café.

The inferior deck with big scenic windows is reserved for the ship’s restaurant. Our guests can at the same time enjoy the gourmet cuisine and the wonderful panorama.

All our cabins have been decorated and furnished in a stylish manner. Each of them has en-suite bathroom, telephone and entertainment system. Large sized beds are offered in The Explorer and The River Class, but they can easily be turned into single beds. Big single beds are part of the Ocean Class rooms.

Our cruises are all based on action and they’re operated along the stunning Australian shoreline and across the lovely waters of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. Our detailed journey plans have kept certain extents of time for adventures of our guests at each stop and always at different destinations. Those adventures can involve scuba diving, snorkeling, walking, having picnics, fishing, and taking part in cultural events or just exploring different landscapes and many others.

The True North Ship is specially made to be suitable for entering wild and less explored places. The ship is registered in Australia and it doesn’t have to leave national waters during the cruises. It has a crew of 20 Australians and it can accommodate up to 36 guests. Every day with us is and action day for our guests! Bigger ships can’t approach outback as we do. Guests leave the ship in small expedition boats and all of them have a helicopter available for adventures of different dimension.

Our Cruise Destinations

Kimberley Cruises represent best destinations of our main ship, but diving is excluded as an option during all of them as waters are full of crocodiles. West Coast Explorer, Coral Atoll and cruises to West Papua and Papua New Guinea are other cruises during which certified divers have an option to dive numerous times. One Dive Master is bound to be aboard for cruises that offer diving. He will take part in every dive and make sure they’re all safe and scuba diving the best spots with all necessary equipment. The equipment is regularly checked by engineers, who also fulill the tanks, and there’s always someone from our crew checking up on them.

Unlike many other ships, we offer more than just diving cruises. Our cruises’ plans are carefully crafted and offer the range of different activities depending on guests’ physical competence and fitness. They can visit local villages and check out different cultural events, they can go riding and enjoy lovely scenery, or they can go fishing and snorkeling.

The Coral Triangle on West Papua, wonderful atolls of the Rowley Shoals, Second World War ship wrecks in PNG and the ship wreck of the Batavia are some of the rare dive sites which are offered on our cruises. Guests can take their own gadgets, but they can also rent a selection of BCD regulators and computers on board.

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