Barred Soapfish

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The Barred Soapfish (Diploprion bifasciatum) is also commonly referred to as ‘Yellow Emperor’ in Australia however this name is misconceiving as it is not an ‘Emperor species’. The Barred Soapfish is a member of the ‘Cods and Gropers’ family Serranidae. This species can be found in warm tropical waters of the Indo-western Pacific and it is known to occur from the Maldives and India to Papua New Guinea, north to southern Japan and south the to the New South Wales coast of Australia (Including Lord Howe Island). The body is generally coloured yellow with two blackish coloured bars, one on the head extending through the eye and a larger dark band extending through the mid body. Juveniles are occasionally all black in colour. It can be found living on coral and rocky reefs, generally around caves and crevices where it can hide from approaching predators. It has the ability to feed on rather large prey as it is able to swallow whole through its expandable jaws. It generally feeds on fishes. The Barred Soapfish (Diploprion bifasciatum) grows to a maximum length of approximately 25cm.

Family: Serranidae

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