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The Beardie (Lotella rhacina) is also commonly referred to as the ‘Large-Tooth Beardy’ and is a member of the ‘Beardies’ family Moridae. It is known to occur in the temperate waters of the south-west Pacific on the east and west coast of Australia, including Lord Howe Island and in New Zealand (including the Kermadec Islands). The Beardie is generally coloured red-brown however it can be a lighter yellow-grey colour. It has a white margin around the edge of the fins. There is a singular barbel on its chin and it has a short base first dorsal fin with a long based second dorsal fin. This species can be found on rocky reefs and in amongst sponge gardens of inshore estuaries and bays. The Beardie (Lotella rhacina) grows to a maximum length of approximately 50cm.

Family: Moridae

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