Black Banded Snapper

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The Black Banded Snapper (Lutjanus semicinctus) is a tropical fish that is a member of the Lutjanidae family. The Lutjanidae family is known as the ‘Tropical Snappers’ and these species are commonly found on coral reefs. This species is found throughout the warm tropical waters of the Western Pacific and is known to occur from Tahiti to Papua New Guinea and extending northwards to the Philippines. This species can be found occurring on coral reefs however it is not considered to be common. The upper body section and the tail fin is coloured yellow whilst the under belly is pink/white in colour. There are a series of 7 narrow brown/black bands extending from the dorsal section to the underbelly region. There is a large black blotch covering the caudal peduncle region (base of tailfin). This species is considered to be shy and is difficult to photograph as it often swims away from divers. The Black Banded Snapper (Lutjanus semicinctus) grows to a maximum length of approximately 35cm.

Family: Lutjanidae

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