Black Sole

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The Black Sole (Brachirus nigra) is a flat fish species that is a member of the ‘Soles’ family Soleidae. It was previously known as Synaptura nigra. It is endemic to the waters of south –eastern Australia; endemic meaning that it is only known to occur in this region. It is known to occur from the waters of southern Queensland down to Wilson’s Promontory off Victoria. It has a rounded caudal fin and the pectorals are small. The upper side is light brown/sandy in colour and occasionally can be almost black (hence the common name). The pectoral fin is coloured black and the underside is white. It can be found living in estuaries and shallow coastal bays on sandy/silty bottoms. It is considered to be excellent quality eating. The Black Sole (Brachirus nigra) grows to a maximum length of approximately 35cm.

Family: Soleidae

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