Black Spot Snapper

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The Black Spot Snapper (Lutjanus fulviflamma) is also commonly referred to as the ‘Dory Snapper’ and belongs to the ‘Tropical Snappers’ family Lutjanidae. Its distribution is throughout the warm tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific region and it is known to occur from the Red Sea and East Africa across to Samoa, south to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and north to the Ryukyu Islands. The body is generally whitish or light brown in colour whilst the upper dorsal section is generally darker than the under body. Along the body there are 6 to 7 horizontal yellow lines that extend along the side whilst the belly, fins and upper section of the caudal peduncle are coloured yellow. There is a prominent black spot on the lateral line.

Juveniles can be identified by a black stripe that extends over the snout and through the eye and across to an elongated black side spot. The adults have a more elongated side-spot and several yellow lines along the lower sides. This species can be found occurring on coral reefs where it often forms large aggregations and juveniles are occasionally found in mangrove estuaries or in the lower reaches of freshwater streams. The Black Spot Snapper (Lutjanus fulviflamma) is known to feed predominantly on fishes and crustaceans and grows to a maximum length of approximately 35cm.

Family: Lutjanidae

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