Blue-spotted Stingray

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The Blue-spotted Stingray (Dasyatis kuhlii) is also commonly referred to as the Blue-spotted Maskray or the Blue-spotted Stingaree. It is considered to be a warm water species and is found in the waters of the Indo-western Pacific region. In Australia it is known to occur from the central coast of Western Australia around the north to Port Stephens In New South Wales. This species can be recognised by its grey/brown coloured body that is covered in large light blue and black spots. The tail of this species is long with the end of the tail having dark bands around it. The Blue-spotted Stingray is generally found in coastal estuaries and coastal reefs and can often be seen half buried in sandy/muddy substrates.

This species grows to a maximum length of approximately 70 cm.

Family: Dasyatididae

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