Conspicuous Polycera

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The Polycera capensis nudibranch belongs to the Polyceridae family and is a common nudibranch species along the south east coast of Australia. The species was originally described from South Africa and may have been introduced accidentally into Australia, perhaps by being transported on bryozoans fouling the bottom of ships from Africa. It can be found on the east coast of Australia from Port Stephens on the NSW central coast down to Eden on the south coast. In South Africa the species is commonly referred to as the ‘’Crowned Nudibranch’.

The body of this species is elongated and the body colour is white with black stripes running along the body. It has conspicuous yellow papillae on either side of the gills, and six issuing from the frontal margin of the head. The gills are dark grey in colour, tipped with yellow and the rhinopores are also dark grey.

It grows to a maximum size of approximately 9cm.

Family: Polyceridae

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