Crocodile Fish

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The Crocodile Fish (Cymbacephalus beauforti) is an unusual looking flathead species that belongs to the flathead family Platycephalidae. It can be found throughout the tropical waters of the world and has been recorded in locations such as the Red Sea, Papua New Guinea and the Great Barrier Reef. It is generally found in shallow waters but has been seen on coral reefs down to depths of 30 metres. It has been observed sitting on wrecks in locations such as the Red Sea and Papua New Guinea and remains very still even when divers approach.

The colouration of the body can vary from a dusky colouration to a dark grey. There are generally fluorescent green markings all over the body. The Crocodile Fish is easily recognised by the iris lappet that forms a branching curtain over much of the upper eye (see images below). It is known to eat crustaceans and other species of fish. The Crocodile Fish grows to a maximum size of approximately 60cm.

Family: Platycephalidae

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