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Cuttlefish form part of the Cephalopod species, of which there are at least 800 different types. Surprisingly, not much is known about these odd-looking creatures, but we do know that they began to swim in the earth’s oceans about 500 million years ago. Cuttlefish can be found all over the world and at varying depths depending on the species. They are not found in fresh water and are generally found away from coral reefs.

Scientists know that cuttlefish are very intelligent marine creatures and have evolved to have some very unique habits. Some types of cuttlefish have excellent camouflage abilities while others have unique ways to distract prey. All cuttlefish have very good eyesight as a result of large, highly advanced eyes that are similar to human eyes, with the exception of the pupil which is W-shaped. Cuttlefish can be quite friendly to divers if they take the time to be patient and earn their trust.

Cuttlefish Introduction Video

Cuttlefish Camouflage Video

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