Dark Spotted Catshark

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The Dark Spotted Catshark (Asymbolus analis) is a small elasmobranch species that is a member of the ‘Catsharks’ family Scyliorhinidae. This species is also commonly referred to as the ‘Australian Spotted Catshark’ and the ‘Spotted Catshark’. This species is endemic to the waters of southern Australia and has been recorded in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. It can be recognised by its long body with a slightly flattened head with a pointed snout. The gill slits are lateral and there is no ridge over the eyes. This species is generally found in depths of less than 10 metres however it has been recorded down to 60 metres.

The Dark Spotted Catshark (Asymbolus analis) is known to grow to at least 90cm in length.

Family: Scyliorhinidae

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