Estuarine Catfish

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The Estuarine Catfish (Cnidoglanis macrocephalus) is endemic to the waters of Australia and is known to occur on the east coast from Kirra in southern Queensland to Bateman’s Bay in New South Wales and on the west coast from Kingston in South Australia to the Abrolhos Islands in Western Australia. This species is also commonly referred to as a “Cobbler’ and is a member of the ‘Catfishes’ family Plotosidae. This species is mottled brown and yellow in colour and has a large flattened head with four pairs of barbels and a fifth pair above the snout. The dorsal and pectoral fins have embedded spines which are poisonous and are very painful if they puncture the skin.

This species can be found living in shallow bays and estuaries in areas that have sandy/silty bottoms. During the daytime this species tends to hides under rocks or in holes whilst it becomes more active at night whilst it forages for food. They are opportuntisc feeders and are known to feed on bivalve and univalve molluscs, crustaceans (such as small prawns and amphipods), polychaete worms, algae and organic debris. The Estuarine Catfish (Cnidoglanis macrocephalus) grows to a maximum length of approximately 60cm.

Family: Plotosidae

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