Four Colour Chromodoris

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The Four Colour Chromodoris (Chromodoris quadricolor) is a tropical nudibranch species that belongs to the large family of nudibranchs classified as Chromodorididae. This species is known to occur in the warm waters of the western Indian Ocean and has been recorded in Tanzania and the Red Sea. This species looks very similar in appearance to the African Chromodoris (Chromodoris africana), Magnificent Chromodoris (Chromodoris magnifica), and Kuiter’s Chromodoris (Chromodoris kuiteri).

Chromodoris quadricolor can be recognised by its thin pale almost white band along the mantle edge and then a broad band of orange. Within the orange there is a thin white band which becomes broader towards the anterior end. The gills and rhinophores of this species are translucent orange.

This species has four colours, hence this is how it got its scientific name ‘quadricolor’. The Four Colour Chromodoris (Chromodoris quadricolor) is known to grow to at least 4cm in length.

Family: Chromodorididae

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