Ghost pipefish

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Ghost pipefish are nearby relatives of the Syngnathida family, and the resemblance is clear when considering the appearance of each tube-snouted creature. One of the differences between seahorses and ghost pipefish is that seahorses have 1 dorsal fin and ghost pipefish have 2. The head of the ghost pipefish is at less of an angle than its cousin the seahorse, and there are differences when it comes to pregnancy and care for their young too. Female ghost pipefish will care for their eggs in her modified pelvic fins which create a brood pouch to protect the young ghost pipefish.

Ghost pipefish are generally found in shallow tropical and subtropical waters near coastal reefs. Warm waters such as those in the Indian Ocean and the Western Pacific Ocean are their preferred habitat. Popular hiding places including seagrass beds, gorgonian fans, corals, hydroids, crinoids and algae aubstrata. Ghost pipefish feed on small fish and crustaceans but very little is known about their other habits, making them a golden find for divers as they are not often seen.

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