Granulated Seastar

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The Granulated Seastar (Choriaster granulatus) is a large seastar that is the only species within its genus Choriaster and belongs to the Oreasteridae family. This species occurs in the waters of the Indo-Pacific region and is also found in the northern tropical waters of Australia. It is found along the Great Barrier Reef off the waters of Queensland. This species also occurs in the waters of the Red Sea, Vanuatu and Fiji. This species can be easily recognised by its large size and shape and is generally a pale pink colour. It is known to feed on algae and detritus and occurs on rubble slopes and on coral reefs. It is found in shallow waters to depths of 40 metres. The Giant Triton shell (Charonia tritonis is known to feed on this species.

The Granulated Seastar (Choriaster granulatus) has a maximum arm radius of approximately 27 cm.

Family: Oreasteridae

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