Hairy Thordisa

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The Hairy Thordisa (Thordisa verrucosa) nudibranch is a species that belongs to the Dorididae family and can be found throughout the waters of the Indian and western Pacific Oceans. This species has been found in the waters of Singapore, New Caledonia, in Western Australia and in New South Wales in Australia. Very little is known about this and is considered to be rare as it is not often found. The mantle is generally a yellow or orange colour and the body is covered in small tapering papillae on its back. The rhinophores are generally grey or black in colour. This species looks very hairy and hence has the ability to blend in to its surroundings. It can be found in amongst sponge gardens and on algae covered reefs. The Hairy Thordisa (Thordisa verrucosa) nudibranch is known to grow to at least 4cm in length.

Family: Dorididae

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