Highfin Coralfish

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The Highfin Coralfish (Coradion altivelis) is a tropical fish species that is a member of the Butterflyfishes’ family Chaetodontidae. This species can be found on coral reefs in the warm tropical waters of the Indo-western Pacific. Its distribution is known to extend from the Andaman Sea and Sumatra down to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the waters of northern Australia (including the Great Barrier Reef). This species can be recognised by its white coloured body with several dark bars running vertical through the body; one of the dark bars extends through the eye. The dorsal fin is particularly high (hence the common name) and has yellow/brown colouration. The Highfin Coralfish (Coradion altivelis) grows to a maximum length of approximately 15cm.

Family: Chaetodontidae

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