Hookfin Cardinalfish

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The Hookfin Cardinalfish (Apogon griffini) is a tropical fish species that is a member of the ‘Cardinalfishes’ family Apogonidae. Cardinalfishes are unique in that the males carry the fertilised eggs in his mouth and he cares for the young when they hatch. This species is only known to occur in the waters of the Philippines and northern Borneo. The head is golden brown in colour with a pink to purple coloured mid body that has dark scale margins and a pale tail base. The fins are orange to yellow in colour. The first rays of the 2nd dorsal fin are elongate in adults. This species can be found around rocks and weed areas with scattered corals in shallows waters (generally less than 10 metres). The Hookfin Cardinalfish (Apogon griffini) grows to a maximum length of approximately 14cm.

Family: Apogonidae

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