Iridescent Cardinalfish

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The Iridescent Cardinalfish (Apogon kallopterus) belongs to the ‘Cardinalfishes’ family Apogonidae and is a tropical species that can be found occurring in the warm waters of the Indo-Pacific. It can be found occurring from the Red Sea and South Africa across the east to the Line, Marquesan, and Pitcairn islands, north to southern Japan and the Hawaiian Islands and down south to New Zealand. Cardinalfishes are unique in that the males carry the fertilised eggs in his mouth and he cares for the young when they hatch. The body is tan to light brown in colour with a mid lateral stripe from the tip of snout, through the eye down to the upper section of the caudal base. The stripe may fade as it approaches the caudal peduncle. This species can be found occurring on coral reefs and in clear water lagoons down to depths of 45 metres. It is generally a solitary species that is found under ledges and is known to feed on small benthic invertebrates and free swimming crustaceans. The Iridescent Cardinalfish (Apogon kallopterus) grows to a maximum length of 15cm.

Family: Apogonidae

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