Leopard Shark

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The Leopard Shark (Stegostoma fasciatum) belongs to the shark family Stegostomatidae which contains one monotypic genus (meaning it has only the one species – the Leopard Shark). The shark is easy to recognise as it has a tailfin almost as long as its body which is a sandy/yellow colour. Adult Leopard Sharks are covered in small dark spots whilst the juveniles have yellow stripes and spots on a dark brown background and this why it sometimes referred to as the Zebra Shark. It is commonly found amongst reef systems of tropical to warm temperate regions.

The Leopard shark is a sluggish slow swimming fish that is a bottom dweller and is mainly active at night when it can be found hunting the reef and sandy areas for prey. The Leopard Shark primarily feeds on gastropods and bivalve molluscs and to a lesser extent crabs, shrimps and small fishes.

The maximum size for a Leopard Shark is approximately 3.5m but it more commonly found between 150-250cm.

Family: Stegastomatidae

Leopard Shark Video (Thailand)

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