Long finned Goby

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The Long-finned Goby (Favonigobius lentiginosus) is found in the cooler waters of southern Australia and belongs to the fish family Gobiidae. It can be found from the waters of southern Queensland around the south to Shark Bay in Western Australia and is also found in the waters of Tasmania. The Gobiidae family is the largest family of marine fishes with over 200 genera and at least 1,500 species worldwide. The majority of the species are tropical and are small in size.

The Long-finned Goby (Favonigobius lentiginosus) can be found in shallow coastal estuaries on sandy/silty bottoms and often near seagrass beds. On the first part of the dorsal fin there is a small bright blue spot; this is a good characteristic to assist in the identification of this species. The images below show two Long-finned Gobies displaying mating behaviour. The Long-finned Goby (Favonigobius lentiginosus) grows to a maximum length of approximately 9cm.

Family: Gobiidae

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