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The Mado (Atypichthys strigatus) is a very common species in the waters of south-eastern Australia. It is known to occur from southern Queensland to eastern Tasmania including the waters of Bass Strait and Lord Howe Island. Similar looking species, the New Zealand Mado (Atypichthys latus) is common in New Zealand however may occasionally be found in Australian waters. The Mado is easily recognised by its white/silver coloured body with several dark vertical stripes running along the length of the body. The tail and anal fin are coloured yellow and there is little variation in colour and pattern between juveniles and adults. This species is commonly found on rocky reefs and is common in estuaries, particularly around structures such as jetties and marina’s. The Mado (Atypichthys strigatus) grows to a maximum length of approximately 20cm.

Family: Microcanthidae

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