Nodulose Hoplodoris

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The Nodulose Hoplodoris (Hoplodoris nodulosa) nudibranch is a temperate water species belong to the nudibranch family Dorididae. This species is found in the waters of southern Australia and is known to occur from southern Western Australia around the south to Coffs Harbour in New South Wales. This species can be best recognised by itÂ’s densely pustulose mantle (small knobbly bits all over the body). The pustules are often absent or extremely reduced in size in a median band behind the rhinophores. This species can vary considerably in colour; from a mottled brown or grey to a yellowish brown often with the median band being darker that the rest of the body.

This species is known to occur from depths of 0 to 20 metres. The Nodulose Hoplodoris (Hoplodoris nodulosa) is known to grow to a maximum length of approximately 7cm.

Family: Dorididae

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