Notobryon Wardi

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The nudibranch Notobryon wardi is a tropical species that is distributed throughout the waters of the Indian and western Pacific Oceans. It belongs to the family Scyllaeidae and has been recorded from the waters of Japan, South Africa and in Australia it has been found in Queensland and New South Wales. This species was first described from animals collected in Queensland. Notobryon wardi is closely related to Scyllaea pelagica and Crosslandia viridis and looks very similar in appearance to both these species. Notobryon wardi has the ability to swim by vigorously waving its body from side to side. The rhinophore stalks are relatively huge and this species is known to feed on hydroids which is illustrated in the images below.

Notobryon wardi is known to grow to a maximum length of approximately 8cm.

Family: Scyllaeidae

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