Red Doriopsilla

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The Red Doriopsilla (Doriopsilla cf carneola) is a temperate water nudibranch species that has been recorded in Port Stephens and Sydney Harbour in New South Wales – Australia. This species has similar characteristics to the Lemon Doriopsilla (Doriopsilla carneola) however the colouration of the mantle, rhinophores and gills is different. This species can be recognised by its deep red body colour and the rhinophores and gills which are coloured dark red to brown. It is not known if this species is the same as Doriopsilla carneola as it would require internal examination to check if it has the same characteristics. This species can be considered nocturnal as it has only been observed on night dives and is absent from the divesites during the day. It can be found in areas that have sponge gardens.

The Red Doriopsilla (Doriopsilla cf carneola) grows to at least 8cm in length.

Family: Dendrodorididae

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