Rock Cale

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The Rock Cale (Aplodactylus lophodon) is a temperate water fish species that belongs to the family of ‘Seacarps’ that is called Aplodactylidae. Seacarps are medium sized fishes that are known to feed on marine vegetation. They are considered to be a poor eating fish and are not favoured by fishers. The Rock Cale is only known to occur in east Australia from the waters of southern Queensland to Victoria. It can be commonly found on shallow exposed rocky shores where there is considerable wave action. The mottled is mottled green/grey in colour with white spots covering the surface and they eye is generally red in colour. The Rock Cale is also commonly referred to as ‘Seacarp’, ‘Cocky’ or ‘Cockatoo fish’ and grows to a maximum length of approximately 35 cm.

Family: Aplodactylidae

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