Schayers Brittlestar

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The Schayer’s Brittlestar (Ophionereis schayeri) is a very common Brittlestar species in Australia’s temperate waters and belongs to the family Ophiochitonidae. This species is known to occur from the Abrolhos Islands in Western Australia around the south to Broughton Island off Port Stephens in New South Wales. This species can commonly be found under rocks in shallow water from 0 to 10 metres however it has been recorded down to depths of 180 metres. This species can be recognised by its brown or grey coloured disc that is covered in small white spots and its long arms are banded with dark grey, light grey, brown or white. The upper surface of this brittlestar is covered in very small overlapping scales that are larger near the disc edge. This species is a detritus feeder feeding on pieces of algae and weed.

The Schayer’s Brittlestar (Ophionereis schayeri) has a maximum arm length of approximately 13cm.

Family: Ophiochitonidae

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