Southern Calamari Squid

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The Southern Calamari Squid (Sepioteuthis australis) is a temperate water species that can be found around the southern coastline of Australia and in the northern waters of New Zealand. This is a very popular species with fishers and belongs to the squid family Loliginidae. It can be found around inshore coastal waters and frequently forms small schools of up to a dozen individuals and they can be found over seagrass meadows and reefs. They are generally seen by divers at night time as this is when they are more active and are attracted to divers diving lights. They feed on fish and crustacean species and are a fast voracious feeder. When disturbed the Southern Calamari Squid will squirt out jet-black ink in defence to confuse its predator. It lays its eggs on the seafloor or attached to sponges in fleshy white strings of 2-6 eggs per string. The Southern Calamari Squid (Sepioteuthis australis) can grow quite large and can have a mantle length of up to 50cm.

Family: Loliginidae

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