Square Spot Goatfish

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The Square Spot Goatfish (Muloidichthys flavolineatus) is a member of the ‘Goatfishes’ family Mullidae and can be found occurring in the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific region including the waters of South-east Asia. The body of this goatfish species is silver in colour and there is a yellow line that extends along the lateral line on each side of the body. The distinguishing feature for this species is the small black square spot that is found in the middle of the body on the yellow stripe along the lateral line. This species can be found occurring from the intertidal zone to depths of at least 30 metres. Juveniles often form small schools where they can be seen sifting through shallow sandy bottoms for food and in amongst seagrass meadows. Adults are generally seen occurring on deeper sandy bottoms. The Square Spot Goatfish (Muloidichthys flavolineatus) grows to a maximum length of approximately 40cm.

Family: Mullidae

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