Swimming Anemone

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The Swimming Anemone (Phlyctenactis tuberculosa) is a common anemone species that belongs to the order Actiniaria and family Actiniidae. This species has several common names including brain anemone, beach ball anemone and baked beans anemone. This is one of the largest anemone species found in the waters of southern Australia and is known to occur from south-western Western Australia around the south to Byron Bay in New South Wales.

During the daytime period this species resembles a large ball of baked beans however at nighttime it emerges and generally attaches itself to aquatic plants and seagrasses to catch drifting food particles. It is also known to feed on small invertebrates and even small fish. It moves about by crawling along the seafloor or by rolling and drifting with the current and surge. The Swimming Anemone (Phlyctenactis tuberculosa) has a maximum diameter of approximately 15cm.

Family: Actiniidae

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