Tiger Anemone

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The Tiger Anemone (Nemanthus annamensis) is also commonly referred to as the Gorgonian Wrapper Anemone or the Gorgonian Anemone. It can be found in the waters of the western Pacific Ocean, especially along the east coast of Australia. It is generally recorded in deep waters below 15 metres where there is good current to provide food and they attach themselves to other filter feeders such as gorgonian fans, sea whips and black coral trees. The column of the anemone is mottled brown in colour with a ‘tiger’ like pattern and the tentacles and middle are white. They are often found in aggregations with many individuals covering a single host. Different colour variations exist and it is possible that there are actually several different species that are referred to as Nemanthus annamensis.

The Tiger Anemone (Nemanthus annamensis) grows to approximately 4-5 cm in width.

Family: Hormathiidae

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