Toothy Cardinalfish

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The Toothy Cardinalfish (Cheilodipterus isostigmus) is a tropical fish species that is a member of the Apogonidae fish family which is the ‘Cardinalfishes’. This species can be found in the warm waters of the Asian-Pacific region and is known to occur in the South China Sea, the Philippines, Marshall Islands in Micronesia and Vanuatu. This species looks almost identical in appearance to the Five Lined Cardinalfish (Cheilodipterus quinquelineatus) however it differs slightly by having the black spot at the base of the tail slightly above the line of the mid-lateral stripe. The body is light grey to silver in colour with 5 black stripes and there are canine teeth at the front of the lower jaw. It forms small groups and hides amongst branching corals in sheltered coral reefs and lagoons. The Toothy Cardinalfish (Cheilodipterus isostigmus) grows to a maximum length of approximately 10cm.

Family: Apogonidae

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