Two Spot Snapper

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The Two Spot Snapper (Lutjanus biguttatus) is a tropical fish species that is a member of the ‘tropical snappers’ fish family Lutjanidae. Lutjanids are common on tropical reefs are generally aggressive predators that feed on a range of fishes and crustaceans. The Two Spot Snapper is known to occur in the Indo-Pacific region however it is mainly found within the Indo-Australian Archipelago from the Solomon Islands to Sumatra and from Cape York Peninsula in northern Australia to the Philippines in the north. It also occurs in the central and eastern Indian Ocean as far west as the Maldives.

The upper part of the head and body of the Two Spot Snapper is generally dark brown in colour with a broad white horizontal band immediately below. The lower section of the head and body is dusky brown in colour with a yellowish tinge. There is a pair of white spots on its back just below the dorsal fin base. This species can be found occurring on coral reefs and occasionally forms large schools where up to 100 individuals may come together. The Two Spot Snapper is known to feed on small and crustaceans and grows to a maximum length of approximately 25cm.

Family: Lutjanidae

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