Warty Seahare

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The Warty Seahare (Dolabrifera brazieri) is an unusual looking seahare species that can be recognised by the ‘warty’ lumps covering its upper body. It can be found in the temperate waters of south-eastern Australia (New South Wales, Victoria and Lord Howe Island) and in the waters of north-eastern New Zealand. It is very similar in appearance to Dolabrifera dolabrifera, which is the small tropical seahare species. This species can be found living interitdally in rockpools, under rocks and in shallow waters of inshore rocky reefs. It lays a strong like tangled egg mass which is generally pink in colour and looks like a mess of spaghetti. It caries in colour and it is believed that its colouration is linked to what it is feeding on. It is generally a mottled green however it can be yellow to a dark purple-brown. Its colouration assists it with camouflage and it can be difficult to find as it blends in well with its surroundings. When this species is disturbed it is known to excrete a milky white secretion from its opaline gland.

The Warty Seahare (Dolabrifera brazieri) grows to approximately 15cm in length.

Family: Aplysiidae

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