Whale Shark

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As the biggest shark in the shark family and the biggest fish in the entire ocean, whale sharks can grow up to 18 metres long!

Whale sharks are generally solitary marine animals, although they are sometimes seen in small groups. They are usually seen seasonally around particular reefs and can be seen in pelagic waters as they swim using their entire massive bodies.

Whale Shark Introduction Video

Whale sharks feed on krill, small fish, plankton and squid which are filtered through its mouth. Unlike most of the other species in the shark family, the whale shark’s mouth can be found on the front of its head.

Whale sharks produce live young that measure around 2 feet in length and who will only reach sexual maturity after 30 years. Some researchers believe that, uninterrupted and unperturbed by humans, whale sharks could live up to 150 years old.

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