Black Sand Dive Retreat

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Black Sand Dive Retreat is a small resort located in the heart of Lembeh Strait, a world famous dive site teeming with underwater life, and home to some of the rarest marine animals. Nature has made the place a muck diver paradise, and the resort staff is fully involved in serving the divers to perfection.


Six bungalows, built of coconut wood, comprise the resort. The bungalows overlook Lembeh Strait and Kambahu Bay, and give the guests mind-blowing views across it. The rooms are air-conditioned and have hot water facility, with Bali-specialty bathrooms that are walled but are open to the sky.


The biodiversity of the place is stunning, with the place swarming with species like frogfish, flamboyant cuttlefish, cleaner shrimp etc, which are rare in the rest of the world. This makes Lembeh Strait ideal for macro diving. Most dive sites are accessible from the resort by a few minutes journey by a motorboat, and all seasons of the year are suitable for diving.

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