Divers Lodge Lembeh

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Divers Lodge Lembeh is a small and intimate resort offering unique personalized dive services.

A person who loves to dive would love nothing more than being at a place where there are plenty of dive sites, well-equipped boats that can take him to those sites, guides who can tell him of the intricacies of that particular site, and a comfortable place to stay while he goes for his dives every day. As such, he needs to look no further than Divers Lodge Lembeh.


The seven bungalows are set on a hill and are spaced widely apart, with each bungalow having a separate access and entry path. The rooms are clean and have hot water facility. All the bungalows together cannot accommodate more than 12 guests.


The resort has got ten dive guides to cater to the needs of 12 guests, and 7 boats to take them to the different dive sites. As such, a guide will never have to supervise more than two divers. Dive gear is available for hire for those divers who want to travel light.


The travel to the resort from Manado International Airport of North Sulawesi takes about one and a half hours. Though most of the journey can be covered by road, the last lap will be by boat.

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