Gangga Island Resort & Spa

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Gangga Island Resort & Spa is a stylish luxury hotel was built among lush tropical gardens and is nestled between white sandy beaches and palm trees. The resort is located on the small Gangga Island in North Sulawesi. As a matter of fact, the resort is only an hour drive away and half an hour boat ride away from the International Airport of Manado.

Gangga Island

Gangga Island features more than twenty amazing dive spots and divers from all over the world come to experience its marine biodiversity and the breath-taking views. The resort makes for the ideal starting point to get to diving spots in the island of Bangka, the National Marine Park in Bunaken, the Lembeh Strait, the Tangkoko Nature Reserve and the Highlands of Minahasa.


The resort features two-bedroom bungalows with a traditional Minahasa design. Each unit has a large balcony looking over the white sandy beaches and the crystal-clear sea. As guests might expect, the resort has all the comfort, services and facilities such as spacious bathrooms with hot and cold shower, air conditioning as well as ceiling fan, smart furniture, satellite TV and some sports amenities for non-divers.


The restaurant of the resort offers international dishes and a wide variety of Indonesian dishes as well.

Pasung Spa

There’s also a spa called Pasung, where guests will be able to enjoy state-of-the-art therapeutic treatments that include some traditional Minhasa techniques typical of the Gangga Island as well as aromatherapy sessions that will leave guests feeling new and reinvigorated.

After six fantastic days of diving it was time for me to indulge myself at the resort’s spa. What a great way to end a dive holiday! The spa has a range of treatments derived from Balinese and Minahasa family traditions. Treatments are focused on maintaining balance of mind, body and spirit, through the natural healing powers of aromatic oils. My masseuse, Stevie, gave me a relaxing foot bath, which was followed by an aromatic body massage.

As the scented oil relaxed my senses, I found myself reflecting on the past days. The warmth and personal service, excellent dining, beautiful surroundings, and rich marine bio-diversity make Gangga Island Resort and Spa second to none. Come and experience this exotic resort for yourselves but be aware you may never want to leave!

Other Tours

Enjoy Sulawesi’s people and nature by going on a guided tour of the nearby villages and mainland. The beauty of Minahasa highlands with its volcanoes, lakes and rice paddies will leave you breathless. Coming this far you ought to visit Tangkoko National Park. Here we glimpsed the smallest primate in the world: Spectral Tarsier. Besides this we were lucky to observe interesting animals like the black macaques, civets and dwarf buffalos.

Turtle Unlimited

Gangga Island Resort and Spa works closely with the communities from the nearby villages of Gangga Satu and Gangga Dua. Besides providing employment, the resort has implemented various development projects for the villages. Through various education programs, the villagers are learning the importance of protecting the marine ecosystem that is their livelihood.

One such project is ‘Turtle Unlimited’. Joining forces with Bali’s group of nature lovers, the resort will devote time to protecting marine turtles. Under expert guidance, the resort’s staff and locals will learn to breed and release hatchlings produced, in an effort to boost the local turtle population. Nurturing sick and misplaced turtles is also on the agenda. Villagers, especially children, are encouraged to join these activities.

North Sulawesi Watersports Association

Gangga Island Resort and Spa is also a member of the North Sulawesi Watersports Association. The organisation is committed to protecting the local reefs and developing eco-friendly projects for local communities, thus creating sustainable tourism activities.

Go to Gangga Island and experience life from a whole new different perspective.

Adi and Mala November 27, 2017

As we caught our first glimpse of Gangga Island, one word came into mind – exotic. The contrast of colours, ranging from the colourful flags adorning the jetty, to the blue ocean, pure white sands and lush tropical vegetation, swamped our senses.

We were impressed with the level of personalised service – it’s everywhere. Whether enjoying the comfort of your room, lounging at the restaurant, or enjoying your dive, it envelops you, making your stay unforgettable.

The wooden Minahasa style rooms are not only equipped with fans, air conditioning and hot showers but have satellite TV, complimentary coffee and tea facilities, a minibar, and spacious verandas. Upon entering our room, we noticed the attractive flower arrangement and fruit basket. It is these minute details, coupled with the warmth of the staff that has guests returning to Gangga.

Dining here is a culinary delight. Adi and I enjoyed the novelty of being served five course a la carte lunch and dinners on a resort island. Definitely a preferred choice to that of buffets. We’re convinced that the cook is a magician. Our taste buds tingle, just remembering meals enjoyed here.

The dive boats are wooden and extremely comfortable. Towels are already onboard, with refreshments such as fresh coconut juice, for your surface intervals. Our gear was always set up ready to go. A big bonus the dive centre provides is your personalised dive log and dive map containing all relevant information at the end of the holiday. Diving with such attentive dive masters and boat crew was a pleasure indeed.


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