Kasawari Lembeh Resort

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Kasawari Lembeh Resort is a boutique dive resort designed with the diver in mind and a touch of luxury and personalized scuba diving. The resort facilities caters for all types of divers along with underwater photographers.

Lembeh Strait abounds with dive sites and rare marine specimens, be it muck diving or wreck diving that you want to do. The resort is a collection of ten compactly-placed villas, with a beachfront pool that is infinity-edged, massage parlors, diners, well-equipped camera room, and dive center.


Of the ten villas, two are larger Kasawari Villas with a size of 45sqm and each has a large gazebo fronting onto the Lembeh Strait. The others are Deluxe Villas and are only 32sqm in size. All rooms are air-conditioned, have hot water, internet connection, a mini bar, and coffee and tea making provision.


Kasawari Lembeh Resort is almost in the center of the Lembeh Strait so that the many dive sites of the area – which number around 30 – are easily accessible from there. Well-trained divers will accompany and guide the guests even if they are good divers, because the guides have a thorough knowledge of the local marine fauna and will be able to prevent attack from animals or other complications.
Diving equipments and computers can be hired from the resort, and divers are brought back after every dive for refreshing themselves by resting, or having a drink, or taking a bath.


Manado International Airport is located 90 minutes from the resort.

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