Kima Bajo Resort & Spa

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Kima Bajo Resort & Spa is a luxury boutique resort set in the midst of the gently swaying coconut palms and over looking over the lovely Wori Bay.

Kima Bajo is located near the Bunaken National Park of North Sulawesi. The accommodations of the resort vary in size, as well as in the facilities offered. At the highest end is the Grand Villa that comes with a private swimming pool. The Bunga Villas are smaller and have a sunken shower and bathtub. The Longhouse Rooms are still more economical because they are smaller in size, but high comfort levels are maintained in these rooms also. All rooms are air-conditioned, and have running hot water, satellite TV, a small bar, and internet access.

Besides the other facilities like spa, eateries, and swimming pool, there is a tour desk that helps with the sightseeing or diving or other traveling requirements of the guests.


There are a total of 19 villas. The two-villa suite called Grand Villa, which has its own swimming pool, is only one in number. The Longhouse Rooms are 12 in number, and the remaining are Bunga Villas. Locally available wood and stone are used in construction, and local architectural style is followed to a substantial extent. The leaves of a local palm named Nibong are used extensively in roofing.

Fine Dining

The Nibong Restaurant & Bar, which has borrowed its name from the palm, is the main diner. It serves Japanese food, Indonesian food, many Western dishes, as well as the food popular in local Manado. Even dishes that are not regularly in the menu are prepared for the guests so far as they are able to make an advance request for it.

Mayana Spa

The spa has got ordinary rooms and outdoor huts, where various types of conventional and modern spa treatments are given. The spa sits ensconced in a garden that has got lily ponds and cascading water, and faces west so that those getting their massages done in the evening can watch from there the breathtakingly beautiful sight of the sun sinking into the sea in front.


The Yos Dive of Kima Bajo Resort has got a team of divemasters and instructors with long experience in diving in the waters of Sulawesi. Photographic equipment is provided for hire and services for processing photographs are also offered.


Kima Bajo Resort is reachable from Manado Airport (20 to 25 minutes drive). The distance between Manado city and the resort is a bit more (40 minutes drive).

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