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La Leona Eco-Lodge is located at the entrance of Corcovado National Park. In the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica, nestled in the most beautiful, primary rainforest and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. Come and see for yourself what paradise looks like, and enjoy all the attention and accommodations of a lavish stay in the wild!

Prepare Yourself to Embark in The Journey of a Lifetime!

La Leona Eco-Lodge is located on the southern entrance to Corcovado National Park, called by many, “The Most Biologically Intense Place on Earth”!. We have 9 acres of amazing Pacific beachfront property backed by 75 acres of primary rainforest, which borders the park. Wildlife knows no boundaries, so animals that can be seen in the park can also be spotted while hiking on our trails. These will take you through a mystical rainforest with trees that reach up to 60 meters, home of an intricate system of lianas, insects, epiphytes, birds, and mammals.

Our visitors return home with tales of close jaguar sightings, white-lipped peccary herds, and sizable scarlet macaw flocks to name a few. Our guest list has included researchers, photographers, filmmakers, nature lovers and honeymooners who have found our lodge irresistible.

La Leona Eco-Lodge is a 100% Costarican owned and managed Eco-lodge!

We were born and raised here in the Osa Penninsula. All of us, the Morales – Polanco Family own, manage and operate the lodge. We would love to show you our peninsula hospitality! Come stay with us and learn from us about our beautiful part of the world! We want to raise the awareness of taking care of the rainforest in all our guests. It is our responsibility as citizens of this planet to take care of our environment and live in harmony with it!

Corcovado National Park has been called “The Amazon of Costa Rica” and “Earths Last Frontier”, And La Leona Eco-Lodge is The ONLY Lodge that sits right next to it!!!!

Come and See What Paradise Looks Like!

Table of Content

The Lodge

The Tents

Your total comfort is our priority. Each tent is tastefully arranged overlooking the blue Pacific Ocean. Strategically positioned to provide privacy. We have 16 tents at this time. 6 of them have an adjacent gorgeous outside garden bathroom. 12 of them can fit a couple in a double bed to 3 in separate twin size beds. 4 are small fitting 1 or 2 in twin size beds. These share an outside bathroom house with 4 showers and 4 toilets. Spacious front porches fit a couple of armchairs to provide you with a spectacular view of the ocean or simply sipping a glass of wine while watching the night sky.

All the Tents have insect-proof screening.

The Restaurants

Our restaurant “Jardines del Mar”, is located within a short walking distance from the tents. All of our meals are made from scratch, and they are prepared with fresh ingredients. Our cuisine is a mixture of Costa Rican, American and International Style dishes.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served during set hours. Breakfast and lunch can be eaten in house or packed to go. These are popular among some of our guests; they enjoy them while they are bird watching, hiking, river swimming, or a day at the beach.

Dinner brings all our guests together where they spend a memorable evening dining on candle-lit tables, reminiscing about their day events!

The Pool

Our pool is very refreshing!

It overlooks the Pacific Ocean and is within walking distance from the Tents and Restaurant! There you can just relax and watch the ocean while the pelicans swoop by for dinner! Or enjoy your favorite drink, while reading your favorite book!

The water from the pool, as also all the water at our lodge, is natural spring water that bubbles out of a tree that has been there untouched, for hundreds of years! Some people feel rejuvenated after drinking it and bathing in it! Our water has been called by some “The Fountain of Youth”!.

Getting Here

Many people who visit La Leona Eco-Lodge fly on domestic daily scheduled flights. It is relatively inexpensive and the flight is about 40 to 50 minutes long.

There are two local airlines offering domestic services to Puerto Jimenez from San Jose:

Nature Air and Sansa. Sansa flights leave from a terminal next to the international airport and Nature Air flights leave from the airport closer to San Jose in Pavas.

Nature Air

They can arrange the round-trip flights leaving San Jose at 6:00 AM, 8:30 AM or 10:45 AM on NATURE AIR from San Jose – Pto Jimenez – San Jose .

The return flight on NATURE AIR departs Puerto Jiménez at 7:00 AM, 9:50 AM or 12:00 AM and arrives in San Jose (Pavas airport) at 8:10 AM, 10:40 AM and 12:50 PM.


They can arrange round-trip flights leaving at 6:00 AM, 10:15 AM and 13:00 PM on Sansa from SanJose – Puerto Jimenez.

The return flight on Sansa departs Puerto Jiménez at 7:10 AM, 11:30AM and 14:00 PM and arrives in San Jose at the International airport at 8:10 AM, 12:20PM and 14:50 PM .


Direct bus to Puerto Jiménez. It leaves San Jose at 12:00 noon everyday for an 8-hour drive. AutoTransportes Blanco offers 2 departures per day from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez. Transportes Blanco-Lobo.

The Trip by land on a 4X4 or bus from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez can be from 7-10 hours, depending on the weather and road conditions.

Please be careful if you drive a rental car. Your safety is the most important thing and Costa Rican drivers tend to be on the wild side! It is better to go with the flow. We advise that you do not leave anything in the car if it is unattended. It is better to not drive at night, if you can help it, because some road signs are missing, and that will make it hard to find your way around.

One route is to go down through the center of the country on the Pan-American Highway. They repaired part of the road last year- it is in pretty good shape for Costa Rican roads. Follow the Highway down past San Isidro del General, pass a lot of pineapple plantations, past a town called Palmar Norte and then finally you will arrive at a Gas Station that says ‘Corcovado’ and it is in a town called Chacarita. Turn right if you are coming from San Jose. Follow this until you arrive at Puerto Jimenez.

From Puerto Jimenez there is only one road to Carate, when you arrive to Carate, you can leave your car at the store and the attendants there will watch it for you. Continue walking on the beach for about 30 to 45 minutes until you see the La Leona sign.

Another route is to take the coastline road, it is beautiful, but it is a longer way to go because the road is not paved in some areas.


Taxi Colectivo to Carate from Puerto Jimenez: The taxi is usually a truck with two benches and a tarp on top. In the high season (Dec-Apr), you can find it next to the bus terminal and they leave at 6:00am and 1:30pm everyday. During the green season (Jun-Nov) they leave at 6:00am everyday. The ride usually takes about 2 hours.

Whether you are coming in a car, taxi, jeep, horseback, or by foot, when you arrive to Carate continue walking on the Beach, it takes from 30 to 45 minutes to get to our Lodge.

At La Leona Eco Lodge we will know when your estimated arrival time is. We are always waiting for our guests with a smile!

What to Do

At La Leona Lodge tours are an experience to raise your awareness and to educate you about the tropical rainforest. What makes the Osa Peninsula famous around the world is the 42,000-hectare Corcovado National Park.

La Leona Eco-Lodge is The ONLY Eco-Lodge right next The Park!

The Park is home to almost 400 species of birds, 140 species of mammals, 116 species of amphibians and reptiles, over 500 species of trees, and more than 6,000 species of insects. With 13 major ecosystems, the park protects endangered species such as the jaguar, puma, crocodile, tapir, poison dart frogs, and the harpy eagle.

Other activities available at or near La Leona Eco-Lodge include:

Self-Guided Hiking

Rainforest trails to explore. See the waterfalls from the rivers close to our Lodge!

Bird and Wildlife watching

There are literally hundreds of species of birds surrounding our lodge. You can’t miss the howler monkies, spider monkeys or white-face monkeys, they are always our guests there!

A hike a few minutes up our trails will get you in contact with all kinds of wildlife!!!


At the beach, at the rivers,or refreshing at our small pool.


The night sky is amazing! since we have no light sources for miles!

Horse-back riding

Spend the day at the beach horseback riding!

Surfing & Boogieboarding

We have boogieboards at our lodge for all our guests!

Just Relaxing

At La Leona Eco-Lodge, all of our surroundings call on you to RELAX!!!

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