Nabucco Island Resort

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Under the supervision of Swiss/German organization, Extra Divers, the Nabucco Island Resort was built in dense vegetation without having to cut down a single tree. The resort has 17 rooms, the garden or sea view, each with its own shower-equipped balcony, mosquito net, toilet and mini bar. Now only 10 out of 17 have air-conditioning units.


With only Nabucco Island Resort on the island’s 20,000 square metre area, is an exclusive hideaway with all the comforts of home. Each of the airy bungalows (8 twins and one single with a double bed), is equipped with a hot shower, a fan, a mosquito net and a beautiful view of the island or sea. Despite its small size, Nabucco Island is home to many animals both on land and in the surrounding sea. We saw monitor lizards lazily patrolling the coastline, while bats enjoyed the nectar from the flowering coconut trees above. Bird calls add to the island’s charm and we even got to see an elusive coconut crab.

Eco Friendly Resort

Wandering around the island, we realised immediately how hard Silke Brehm & Alex Shaetz work to promote the resort’s theme – Eco Friendly. All the resort’s structures are built around the local trees, so don’t be surprised to find a tall coconut tree sticking out of your veranda roof! We loved this concept. All waste water is biologically treated to preserve the sensitive marine environment, and safe drinking water is treated with ozone (O3) and then filtered. Pipes and wires are concealed, giving the resort a delightful rustic appeal. Even the generator is muffled, to ensure guests have a good night’s rest.

Generally, accommodation, diving, breakfast and a delicious five-course dinner are included in your package. Alex (previously a chef) and Gustav (the resort’s chef) prepare a variety of meals infused with local flavours. Lunch and all other drinks, including drinking water, have to be purchased at the restaurant or bar.


The accommodation sits right in front of the best diving spots. This resort can become a diver’s realization of his dream because of the large schools of fishes, turtles, rays and sharks. Nabucco Island is also near where photo enthusiasts may find great subjects.


The restaurant of the resort serves delectable Asian dishes. TV rooms, a bar, a reading corner, and massages are available for a relaxing stay at the resort. There are 3 dives available each day at the Sangalaki, Kakaban, and Maratua. A longer stay is suggested due to the resort’s distance from the mainland Indonesia. This means departure and arrival dives are not offered.






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Nearest International Airport

Jakarta International

Dry season

February to September


Constant 220V

Local Currency

Indonesian Rupiah INR

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