Siladen Resort & Spa

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The Siladen Resort & Spa is an environmentally friendly upmarket resort located on the lush tropical island of Siladen in the middle of the Bunaken Marine National Park.

This five-stars hotel and spa gives tourists the chance to make the most of their stay while they enjoy the unwinding environment that will guarantee a peaceful and stylish stay.

This boutique hotel is environmentally friendly mainly because they make sure that the Bunaken Marine Park and the surrounding areas are protected. The Siladen Resort and Spa was opened more than seven years ago to cater for the needs of demanding tourists looking for comfort and luxury and it was built in a four-hectares piece of land, which is quite a lot considering that the size of the whole island is only twenty-four hectares.

The Siladen Resort & Spa offers fifteen modern villas with a great variety of upscale services and facilities including huge comfortable beds, showers in the open air, balconies with amazing views of the sea, a PADI dive school, a high-class restaurant that serves international as well as Indonesian and Asian dishes, a typical Indonesian health centre that provides all kinds of therapeutic treatments and body massages, a souvenir store, a trendy bar, a big swimming pool with salty water and white sandy beaches all around the resort. The sunsets in this resort are out of this world and the different activities on offer will surely help you unwind.

There are more than 40 scuba dive spots in the Bunaken Marine Park that attract divers from all over the world and the best thing is that they are not far from the Siladen Resort. If you are not a diver, make sure you go on a snorkeling session because you will never forget it.

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