The Luxio Hotel and Resort

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The Luxio Hotel & Resort is a place for everyone visiting Sorong, West Papua, to enjoy a new meaning of luxurious stay. Consists of 37 rooms and suites of permanent modern minimalist building and designed by a nuanced of Nature Papua, we are welcoming every guests to come and visit our new Hotel & Resort.

Located just 10 minutes from the Sorong Airport, Dominique Edward Osok (DEO), The Luxio Hotel & Resort is just the perfect place to add a value for you to stay in Sorong, West Papua. With our upcoming meeting facilities and banquet hall, The Luxio will be the only option for everyone who wants to hold a meeting in a luxurious atmosphere.


The Luxio Hotel & Resort consists of 21 bungalows new building, with a total of 37 rooms of permanent modern minimalist building design with a nuanced of Nature Papua view, it also has 14 bungalows old buildings with a total of 14 rooms, building design made from wood with Papua Natural shades view. Total all the rooms of The Luxio Hotel & Resort is 51 rooms. As for categories of room types include:

Deluxe King Room

Consists of 20 rooms, with king bed size on every rooms.

Deluxe Twin

Consists of 10 rooms, with double queen bed size on every rooms.

Suite Room

Total building is 4 bungalows ,Consists bed room with king bed size on every rooms.

Executive Suite

Total building is 2 bungalows, Consists bedroom with king size bed & living room, toilet, bathroom.

The President Suite

Only 1 Bungalow Consists with 3 bed rooms complete with living room, kitchen and swimming pool.

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