Thulhagiri Island Resort

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Just a 25-minute travel from Male and the airport, Thulhagiri is a resort with a perfect harmony of the comforts of modern amenities and the lush tropical beauty of the island. The Bungalows have a thatched roof, spacious baths, a mini-bar and air-conditioning. The newly built water bungalows are amazing with their spacious deck and glass table. Thulhagiri boasts its fine cuisines, served in buffet style, for three meals a day.

The location of the resort make it possible for divers to access the finest dive sites in the south east  and south west of North Male Island. This makes a great dive opportunity all year round. There are more than 30 dive spots that are frequently visited by diving boats. Half a day trip will usually comprise of exciting dive spots such as the well-known Manta Point where you can encounter Mantas and Whale Sharks during May-December.

Due to the access limitation to the home reef of one entry channel, the local diving is lengthened by providing individual trips on a small-sized boat with at least two persons. There are 5 excellent dive spots, the Thulhagiri Kuda Tila and the Thulhagiri Bodu Tila being two of them. The two sites are accessible by just a 5-minute boat ride. Shuttle service is also offered in the outer home reef, which makes a fine one-way dive toward the home reef entry probable.

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